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Who is Earth Data?

Earth Data specialises in the design and manufacture of data acquisition, telemetry and recording systems for scientific, industrial and medical use. A strong commitment to research and development and a desire to achieve the highest possible performance has led to our latest range of equipment for the seismic community.

EDR-209 Digitizer

  • The EDR-209 is a ruggedized digitizer providing three or six independent channels of extremely high dynamic range at rates of 1 to 3,000 samples per second. A selectable conversion word...

EDR-210 Portable Recorder

  • The EDR-210 is a portable recorder that records data from three or six channels to removable media, offering a variety of connection interfaces including USB, Ethernet and Wireless Networking...

EDR-217 Digitizer

  • The EDR-217 digitizer provides four or eight independent channels of typically 145 dB dynamic range and GNSS timing accuracy. Ethernet and USB connections allow it to offer industry standard secure communication...