About Us

Earth Data specialises in the design and manufacture of data acquisition, telemetry and recording systems for scientific, industrial and medical use. A strong commitment to research and development and a desire to achieve the highest possible performance has led to our latest range of equipment for the seismic community.

The equipment is based around our proprietary 24-bit delta-sigma converter technology, which is the result of many years of continuous development. This offers 140 dB dynamic range at 100 Hz and an unrivaled 150 dB at 10 Hz and below.

Earth Data's Digitizers incorporate three or six such converters within a rugged enclosure and provides near real time data via serial or network interfaces. Various connector styles are available according to preference or environmental needs.

Our Recorders combine the Digitizers with a removable media recording facility again within a rugged weatherproof enclosure. The removable media, which is protected by its own weatherproof case, can be exchanged without loss of data. Both USB and network connections (e.g. Ethernet) can be used for communication and data download. A range of GPS units can connect to both the Digitizers and Recorders providing very accurate position and timing information.

The units provide data in standard compatible formats such as Mini-SEED data files and communicate via standard protocols (e.g. SeedLink) and can even be configured via a web browser. A range of diagnostic software utilities are available for interfacing to the products or viewing data.